Hi! Welcome to Ferox River – my blog and creative output, where you can find inspiration for your love of fly fishing and the outdoor life. 

I'm Rob Davies. Husband, father and hard working businessman, but a guy with a huge passion for fly fishing and the Great Outdoors. Born and brought up in Wales and now living in England, I developed a love of trout fishing as a kid on family holidays in the Highlands of Scotland. I’ve always been drawn to the outdoors and the wonders of nature. I’ve been a game ranger in Africa, qualified as a Mountain Leader and served in the British Army, so I’ve spent many nights under canvas and climbed a lot of mountains! I’ve lived and worked on 3 continents and I’ve travelled to more countries than I can keep count of – usually finding a way to pack a fishing rod.

If, like me, you work hard in the week and have precious little time outside of your job and family commitments, you need to make the most of the spare time you have. We all need to relax, find peace and clear our thoughts. I thoroughly recommend spending more time out in the hills and fields or finding adventure by exploring the wide open spaces this amazing world has to offer. Walking a coastline, lake shore or banks of a river is more fun with a fly rod in your hand. I try to combine my fishing with an experience of the natural landscape around me, whether it means climbing up to a hill loch, camping out, walking the riverbank all day or trekking into wild and untouched waters.

I really hope you enjoy the photography, essays, stories, blog posts, gear reviews and wider content.

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Hi! I'm Woody, the crazy Cocker Spaniel and ill-behaved fishing dog for Ferox River. I can't sit still for more than a few seconds, so I don't know if I'm any good at this fishing companion gig, but I definitely like jumping into the river and barking at ducks!