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Welcome to Ferox River. Here you'll find inspiration for your love of the fly fishing life.
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A collection of photographs from my fishing trips, travel and love of fly fishing.


Thoughts, essays, philosophy and general ramblings on all things fly fishing. 


Unbiased reviews on fly fishing and outdoor gear. Thoughts on the kit I'm taking out with me, why I love it and why I don't.


Something about the guy who works hard for a living but aspires to the life of a trout bum. I'm working on it...


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Want to know about Ferox Trout?

The term ‘Ferox’ describes a type of Trout. The biggest wild Brown Trout you’ll ever catch? Is it a distinct species or are they the fabled “Cannibal Trout”? Where can you find Ferox and fish for these rare monsters of the deep? There's something very special about Ferox Trout. Read on for more.

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